Holy Trinity Organ


The Midler-Hunter Co. of Philadelphia, PA installed the organ in 1951. All the pipe work and mechanism were installed in two chambers and between them the console was placed in the center of the choir loft.

The Columbia Organ Works of Columbia, PA built the new three manual console with “state of the art” technology in 1997. They added two new ranks of 73 pipes, the 8′ Tromba and 4′ Clarion.

The Peragallo Organ Company of Patterson, NJ completed a total restoration and expansion of the organ in 2017. The repairs included releathering, restoring the entire winding system, new expression shade motors, new Choir, Swell, and Crescendo Expression Pedals, and new LED lighting at the console. The total palate was expended to include a 2″ Super Octave or Fifteenth, and 8′ Oboe, 8′ Under Maris, 8′ Trompette En Chamde, and a set of Chimes. Holy Trinity’s organ now has 26 ranks of 1,968 pipes.