Online Giving

Thank you for considering donating to our parish using PARISH GIVING online giving,
and thank you for your generous support of our parish family.

If you are a parishioner or other frequent donor to our parish, we encourage you to create an account that saves your information, and allows you more options, such as scheduling a recurring donation. This would be ideal for the weekly Sunday offering. You could also use it for various frequent secondary offerings, such as tuition assistance, organ, buildings & grounds, etc.

If you would prefer to simply make a one-time donation, look up in the top right of the next screen, and click “Pay Now” to give without setting up an account.

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Virtual Prayer Candle

Lighting candles has long been a sacred ritual in all traditions, creating precious moments in our own and other people’s lives where we pray for loved ones, friends, and ask for or give support.

The light signifies our prayer offered in faith coming into the light of God— allowing us to be filled with His light. With the light of faith, we petition our Lord in prayer… or we might ask a saint for intercession, to pray with us and for us to the Lord. The light also shows a special reverence and our desire to remain present to the Lord in prayer even though we may go about our daily business.

We invite you to participate in our community of faith by lighting a Virtual Prayer Candle online. When you light a candle in prayer, it becomes a sacramental. Not only is it YOU praying for your special intention, but the WHOLE BODY OF CHRIST, in heaven and on earth, joins with you in praying for your special intention. Christ’s sacrifice on the cross provided an infinite surplus of grace, and so every prayer intention has all the grace as though it were the only one.

Of course, it is still GOD OUR FATHER who responds to all of our prayer requests, and His response indeed may be to answer our prayer because it conforms to His will and His plan. Or He may decline to give you what you pray for, because He has a better plan, even though it may not be what you presently want (and He knows you don’t presently understand). Or He may be asking you to persevere in prayer and patience, growing in desire and holiness as you continue to pray, so that you may receive the even greater gift He wishes to give you, or that His plan (for you, or for your special intention) is better served a bit into the future rather than right now, and He wants you to continue trusting Him. But we know that GOD HEARS AND ANSWERS ALL OF OUR PRAYERS, just not always how we want Him to or how we might think that He should. He is our perfect God; our perfect Father; we trust Him, even when His will is not our will. That is our task of holiness: to be able to end all of our prayers to God through Jesus, adding to our prayers Jesus’ own words in the Garden of Gethsemane: “Not my will, but thy will be done.”

Preparation for your offering your special intention

Step 1:
Please clear your thoughts and focus on your special intention.

Step 2:
Make the sign of the cross and pray for your special intention.

Step 3: