Holy Trinity Cemetery

Holy Trinity Catholic Church is proud to maintain our own beautiful parish cemetery, founded in 1865. Located between Manor St., 10th St, and Barber St, our cemetery is the resting place for those of our parish families and friends who have gone before us. Our cemetery chapel, built in 1894, donated by Fr. Pieper (along with the statues within), is no longer used for funeral services, but is opened each year on All Souls’ Day for the noon memorial service for those who died in the previous year.

Our cemetery has many burial plots available. Burial plots are sold as a set of three graves. To inquire about burial in our parish cemetery, or about anyone who is buried there, please contact the parish office.

Decorations placed on graves will be removed on the First Monday of March and May, and the Last Monday of June and September.

NOTE: In accord with diocesan policy, the parish office does not grant public access to the sacramental records of the parish. To find out information contained in our records, please email your request of records for a particular person (with dates, if known) to the parish office, and your requested information will be sent to you digitally if and when available. Records of others on the same pages within the sacramental books will be redacted for confidentiality purposes.